Colchester Film Festival takes place in Colchester, the oldest recorded Roman town in Britain, and for a time the capital of Roman Britain. The festival screens films at a number of iconic locations in the town all within walking distance of each other.

firstsite is a visual arts organisation whose integrated programme of work includes projects, exhibitions and publications by established and emerging artists, as well as extensive learning opportunities and artists’ support initiatives.

firstsite’s excellent facilities are integral to the success of the festival, providing us with a state of the art auditorium and the purpose built learning spaces.

Lewis Gardens
Essex CO1 1JH
+44 (0)1206 577 067

The Minories Galleries is part of Colchester School of Art and delivers a programme of exhibitions and events to challenge and stimulate, contributing to the vibrant cultural ecology of Colchester.

The Minories
74 High Street
Essex CO1 1UE
+44 (0)1206 712 437