Unseen Cinema: Blue Ruin (Feb 2015)

Colchester Film Festival presents ‘Unseen Cinema’ every month in Firstsite Colchester. Each screening is a taste of the very best feature films that weren’t screened or had a limited release in your local multiplex cinema.

Feature: Blue Ruin
Director: Jeremy Saulnier
Cast: Macon Blair, Devin Ratray, Amy Hargreaves
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A revenge movie with a twist and a realistic plot is not very common but director Jeremy Saulnier pulls it off brilliantly in his film Blue Ruin. With a fantastic opening sequence that instantly captures the audience’s curiosity, we follow the story of a mysterious man named Dwight Evans (Macon Blair) who is living a quiet, lonely life until an act of vengeance takes place changing Dwight’s life into a convulsive fight for survival.

Director Jeremy Saulnier creates a dark and twisted realistic plot about revenge exploring the consequences an action can really make to ones self. With minimal amount of music to help us we have to rely on the camera and each shot works  beautifully to capture the emotion of each character with the lighting and scenery. The whole look of the movie has a realistic style to it making it a believable story throughout the entire film. With a cast that is not very well known this works well in its favour as they all seem more believable than a big Hollywood star featuring in it. Devoid of any Hollywood cliché action scenes or over use of violence Blue Ruin challenges the stereotype of the redemption movie and gives us an idiosyncratic view of the true horror of crime.

By Tom Findley
Film Reviewer


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