The Driving Seat

Directed by: Phil Lowe
Country: UK
Run time: 9 minutes

One Saturday morning, a middle aged couple decide to make love in their car in the driveway to put a spark back in their marriage only to find it has rather the opposite effect.


Directed by: Christophe Clin
Country: Belgium
Run time: 6 minutes

What happens in our heads when we are about to meet someone on the street? Anguish, prejudice, expectation, surprise, disappointment. These few very brief moments are the nest of a real brainstorm!

Annie Waits

Directed by: Marnie Paxton-Harris
Country: UK
Run time: 9 minutes

Annie Waits tells the story of lust and disappointment, as a twenty-something waits for her adult life to begin.

Getting Fat in a Healthy Way

Directed by: Kevork Aslanyan
Country: Bulgaria
Run time: 22 minutes

In a world where gravity is weak and skinny people fly into the sky, Constantine has never left the apartment. But one day the beautiful stewardess who moves into the building will change his life forever.


Directed by: Alexei Slater
Country: UK
Run time: 6 minutes

A couple`s first date ends with a rather unwelcome revelation.

Cautionary Tales

Directed by: Chris Barrett and Luke Taylor
Country: UK
Run time: 8 minutes

A bizarre incident as a young boy left Aaron with an unusual facial disfigurement. Isolated and vulnerable, Aaron seeks comfort in the friendship and understanding of an unexpected group of outcasts.

The Last Time

Directed by: Christine Hooper
Country: UK
Run time: 4 minutes

One woman’s struggle to stub out love’s flame.