Directed by: Martin Radich
Starring: Denis Menochet (Inglourious Basterds), Barry Keoghan (71)
Country: UK
Run time: 87 minutes
Genre: Drama, Thriller


A father and son live a reclusive lifestyle in the middle of nowhere. The man, a disillusioned mercenary, has his final target in sight – a gang of foreign revolutionaries who lay low in a nearby derelict compound. As the man closes in on his target the boy falls for the revolutionaries\’ serving girl. Having spent his whole life in isolation the boy now discovers the warmth of friendship and the pleasures of something more. As father and son collide the boy is sent running, running in pain and full of betrayal, straight into the twisted embittered arms of the boy\’s maternal grandparents, who have come to snatch and save the boy. Figuring out what is right and wrong, what is good and bad is a task for both the man and the audience.


Directed by: Phil Sheerin
Starring: Barry Keoghan (71, Norfolk)
Country: Ireland
Run time: 20 minutes

Isolated on a farm and fighting against his family’s decision, Aaron struggles to be heard as he watches his mother willingly die.