The Full Story

Directed by: Daisy Jacobs and Chris Wilder
Country: UK
Run time: 7 minutes

When the dad next-door walks out, five-year-old Toby discovers that parents leave.

A Little Grey

Directed by: Simon Hewitt
Country: UK
Run time: 5 minutes

One man’s search takes him through bars, churches, doctor’s surgeries, tattoo parlours and beyond, but will he find what he’s looking for? A colourful story about losing your spark and finding redemption.


Directed by: Benjamin Bee
Country: UK
Run time: 12 minutes

Daniel, an ultra-orthodox Jew, hasn’t seen his identical twin brother Mordechai in years; Mordechai’s ‘life choices’ were a bit too much for the family to handle. But today is the day of their father’s funeral.


Directed by: Calum Macdiarmid
Country: UK
Run time: 8 minutes

Inmates of HMP Portsmouth Prison find their lives in danger when the Bossman’s bullying spirals out of control.


Directed by: Aaron Dunleavy
Country: UK
Run time: 3 minutes

A dark and unsettling world in which children have taken over a forgotten terraced street, devoid of adults with no rules or boundaries.

Sweet Maddie Stone

Directed by: Brady Hood
Country: UK
Run time: 24 minutes

Maddie Stone rules her school yard. But after discovering her notorious father has been arrested, she has to make his bail money or lose the yard.