We challenge filmmakers from around the world to write, shoot and edit a film no longer than 5 minutes in just 60 hours.

Each team is given a film title, line of dialogue and a prop/action that they must include in their final film. The rest is up to you. It can be any genre or style so get your creative juices flowing and produce a masterpiece.

This is the fourth year the challenge has been running and has been the most difficult to judge. Because the standard has been so high we have extended the shortlist from 10 to 15 films. However there were plenty more films that could have been included and we’ve had to leave out some very good films. Regardless of whether your film has been shortlisted we hope that you’ve enjoyed the challenge.

Congratulations to the winning and shortlisted teams

Slow Down‘ by Fix it in Post (1st Place)
Who?‘ by Nice and Serious (2nd Place)
88‘ by Team Dojo (3rd Place)

‘Add Me’ by Mordue Pictures
‘Beyond the Yard’ by Source Material Media
‘Don’t Walk’ by Green Team
‘Full Speed’ by Sidelight
‘Had Enough’ by Just Canyon Kids
‘Hurrah’ by FILM 4 ALL
‘Letterbox’ by Ruined Films
‘Operation Catfish’ by WHAT
‘Sleeper’ by Poulet-Moka
‘The Check Out’ by Formulated Films
‘This is Me’ by Team Light Hearts
‘Trending’ by Tazmania