60 Hour Film Challenge 2017 registration is now closed, thank you to all the teams who have registered, we’re looking forward to following your progress during the challenge and watching your films.

Here are a few important pointers to make sure you’re ready.

  • Please ensure you’ve read and understood the rules and conditions at the very bottom of this page and our FAQ page.
  • All media needed to complete the challenge will be available on our media page. Please ensure you’ve download our sponsor card, this must be included for a minimum 5 seconds at the beginning of your film.
  • All teams will be emailed their Title, Line of Dialogue and Action at the start of the challenge, please check your inbox and spam folder for confirmation.
  • The challenge starts at 9pm (UK Time) Friday 1st September. If you’re based in another time zone please check our event time announcer to see your start time.
  • Once registered please ensure you have joined our 60 Hour Film Challenge Vimeo group.
  • Once your film has started uploading you can add it to the group by clicking on the collection tab and selecting the 60 Hour Film Challenge 2017 group.
  • Please share any photos and keep us updated on your team’s progress throughout the challenge via social media using #60HrFilm.
  • Follow how other teams are getting on over the weekend by checking our #60HrFilm Tagboard
  • To stay updated join us on the official 60 Hour Film Challenge Facebook Group or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

1. The Challenge is open worldwide.
2. The Challenge is to write, shoot and edit a short film in 60 hours based on the criteria presented to the teams in the briefing email.
3. Team registration will take place via the official website (http://colchesterfilmfestival.com/60hourfilmchallenge). All teams must be registered before Wednesday 30th August 2017 23:59pm (UK Time).
4. By entering the challenge, the entrant agrees to abide by all provisions in these rules and accept the decisions of the’ 60 Hour Film Challenge’ and the judges as final and binding in all respects. The ’60 Hour Film Challenge’ reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who fails to comply with the rules, at its sole discretion.
5. There is NO fee or charge for entering the challenge but ALL costs for production must be born by the Team.
6. There is NO fee paid to the teams in any respect for the film entered neither in part or full use of the film.
7. Teams will receive the briefing via the email they use to register.
8. The ’60 Hour Film Challenge’ begins from 9pm (UK Time) on Friday 1st September and all the creative work must take part in that time period. The only pre-production permissible is the organising of cast and crew, securing equipment and scouting for possible locations. The ’60 Hour Film Challenge’ takes no responsibility for infractions of local by-laws in regards to location.

The Films

1. The finished film must be a maximum of five (5) minutes in duration.
2. Each team will be provided with a title card which must be displayed before the film for 5 seconds, followed by your team name, title, line of dialogue and action for 5 seconds. This must be included in your films five (5) minute maximum duration.
3. Films submitted to the ’60 Hour Film Challenge’ must either be in English or have English subtitles.
4. All footage including animation and special effects must be created during the 60 hour period.
5. Pre-recorded music must be accompanied by the relevant signed clearance, or proof you have the rights to use it. The same rules apply to sound effects.
6. Overall content of the movie, beyond that specified at the launch, is at the discretion of the participating teams. The organisers reserve the right to not screen any film that would attract an 18 certificate.

Submission of Films

1. All teams must upload their film to Vimeo and submit to our ‘Colchester Film Festival 60 Hour Challenge 2017’ group (http://vimeo.com/groups/60hourchallenge), before 9am (UK Time) on Monday 4th September 2017. Films added after the cut-off time will not be eligible for the challenge.
2. If the film begins the upload process before the submission deadline, you will still be considered on time.
3. All films must be made available to download via Vimeo by the festival organisers.
4. The applicant declares that he/she has obtained all necessary rights and permissions to present the film at Colchester Film Festival. The filmmaker must own or have cleared copyright of all aspects of the submitted film. This includes all music and images used. Colchester Film Festival accepts no responsibility, financial or otherwise, in regards to clearing copyrighted material.
5. By submitting a film for consideration to Colchester Film Festival and the filmmaker/production company grant Colchester Film Festival and sponsors the right to screen the film throughout the duration of the festival in any capacity and at future festivals and promotional events.
6. Colchester Film Festival and sponsors will have the right to show any of the films submitted and use the filmmakers details on television/web with a view to promoting the challenge and the festival.
7. Colchester Film Festival and sponsors retains the right to hold a copy of films submitted for archival and promotional purposes.

Prizes and Awards

1. There will be a panel of judges, proposed by the ’60 Hour Film Challenge’.
2. In assessing the films, the judges will give greater weight to the content and visual merit than to the technical expertise or resources with which the films are made. Views and likes do not count towards the decision making.
3. The decision of the ’60 Hour Film Challenge’ committee on any matter relating to the interpretation of these conditions shall be final.
4. The prizes will be awarded to the individual maker(s) responsible for making the winning film(s), whether they are working on their own behalf or as part of another organisation.
5. A selection of the best films will be screened at the 2017 Colchester Film Festival. The organisers welcome and encourage the attendance of all filmmakers at the festival, unfortunately it is not possible to reimburse accommodation or travel expenses.
6. If the winners of the challenge are based outside of the UK the delivery of the prizes is at the discretion of the company or organisation donating the prize. The ’60 Hour Film Challenge’ does not take responsibility for the delivery of prizes. The majority of prize donators are international companies so the delivery of prizes should not be an issue.
7. Prizes are subject to change due to availability.