1. How do I register a team for the 60 Hour Film Challenge?
Please complete the registration form at the bottom of our 60 Hour Challenge webpage. Ensure you have filled out all the required fields and once complete press the ‘click here to register’ button. You should receive a confirmation message to the email address you registered with.

2. I registered but have not received a confirmation email?
Please check your spam folder. To ensure you receive your brief on Friday 1st September please add our email address to your contact list.

3. I live outside the UK, can I still enter the Challenge?
Yes, we accept entries from any country. However your film must either be in English or have English subtitles.

4. I am under 18, can I still enter the Challenge?
Yes, we accept entries from filmmakers of all ages.

5. Does my film have to be a specific genre?
Your film can be any genre you wish, but must use the film title, line of dialogue and prop/action we provide.

6. Can my film contain swearing, sex or violence?
Your film should be suitable for a 15 rated audience, please check the BBFC ratings for more information.

7. What format and technical specifications does my film need to be?
As long as your film can be uploaded to Vimeo, it can be exported in any format, frame rate or dimensions.

8. I live outside the UK, when does my challenge begin?
Your challenge begins on Friday 1st September at 9pm (UK Time) please check the correct time and date for your region.

9. I haven’t received my title, dialogue and prop/action yet?
Please check you inbox and spam folder. We will also share a copy of the brief for each team on our website, Facebook group and Twitter. If you’re still having problems accessing the brief please email us via our website.

10. I can’t find my team on the brief list?
The brief list contains every team that has registered before the deadline. The last name column on the list is ordered in alphabetical order, please find your team by searching for the name your team was registered with. If you’re still having problems please email us via our website.

11. I don’t understand my title, dialogue and prop/action?
Your brief is open to your interpretation. If you spot something you’re not sure about it’s quite possible there is an error, please contact our 60 Hour team and we’ll check for you.

12. Can I change my title, dialogue and prop/action?
No, please use the brief provided. If you don’t understand something in your brief or you believe there is an error please contact our 60 Hour team.

13. Should I use just your dialogue or can I add more?
Yes, your team should be aiming to write a full script that must includes the line of dialogue we provide.

14. Does the line of dialogue provided in the brief have to be spoken and can it be split over two characters?
The line of dialogue should be spoken (on screen or voiceover) by one of the characters in your film. You can add your own dialogue to the start and end but should not be re-written or split over two characters.

15. Can I translate the dialogue to our own language?
Yes, as long as you include English subtitles you can translate the line of dialogue to your own language.

16. Can I use stock footage and pre-recorded music?
All footage including animation and special effects must be created during the 60 hour period. Pre-recorded music can be used but please ensure you have the rights to use any music.

17. Do I need release forms for locations, talent, music etc?
We don’t require you to produce release forms, however it may be beneficial if you intend to submit your film to other festivals or competitions in the future.

18. Does the title and sponsor card make up part of my films running time?
The maximum running time of five (5) minutes must include your title and sponsor card which must appear at the start of your film.

19. Can my title be placed at the end of the film?
Please place the title card at the start of the film (see above).

20. How do I add my film to the 60 Hour Film Challenge group on Vimeo?
Make sure you’ve joined our Vimeo group. Start your upload to your personal Vimeo account and once the film has begun uploading you can add to our group by clicking on the collection tab and selecting the ’60 Hour Film Challenge 2017′ group.

21. I don’t have a Vimeo account?
You can sign up to a basic Vimeo account for free. The upload limit is 500mb so please ensure your exported film is smaller than this.

22. When will we be informed if our film has been selected?
We hope to announce the shortlisted teams in October, the winners will be announced at the screening at Colchester Film Festival on Saturday 4th November.